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Graphic Design

Design is an expression of an artist.  An artist when visually communicates through his work in the form of a poster, business logo, letter forms or advertisement. This form of visual communication is known as graphic design. Graphic designers work with choose and organize the tools like typography, images, colors and use the white space around these tools to communicate a message. The use of Graphic design adds an element of creativity and clarity to the message.


The message conveyed with the help of pictures elegantly, reaches all kinds of audience. The Graphic creates a brand identity for the company the use of right colors with ideal images can convey a great deal of information about company’s business and furnishes company with a distinctive corporate identity. The logo designing is an essential division of business individuality. An accomplished designer can create such remarkable logos which can put down a never ending impression on the viewer. The designing of advertisement is also part of graphic designing in the form of the billboards advertisement, or the Television visuals. The graphics helps in escalating the sale of the product.  Graphic design informs, persuades, attracts as well as provides pleasure.


 The Designer bridges the gap between the targeted audience and client. The graphic designing is an elaborative procedure, the designer crafts a concept, once the concept is selected the color scheme, typography and images are used to give a taste of uniqueness to the preferred concept. The impact of the effort is it attracts the client and provides profit to the company.


The combination of graphic designing and web designing gives a look and feel of a web and enhance the online experience of visitors.  The information is made illustrative and gives better idea about company’s profile and its products. The graphic designing doesn’t only aims at conveying the ideas rather preserving it in the mind of the consumer.  All the uses of the graphic designing have contributed to its popularity. In true terms the graphic designing is a mere blend of designer creativity with typography, colors and imagery.

Harish Singh Bisht   Harish Singh Bisht